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RE: sex stories of celebrities original and collected from the net - the_rocky - 11-03-2015


After finishing Higher secondary exam Ramu realized that he wouldn’t be able to pass. His father isn’t in the state of paying all of his expanses as he is a very old man and about to retire from his job. So he decided to leave his village and go to Mumbai where he thinks he’ll be able to get some good job. He heard a lot about that city and it was one of his dream to visit there.

One sunny day he reached Mumbai by train. After having some meal in the local substandard hotel he looked at his dream city. He was astonished by seeing the crowd and the high rise buildings . After walking 30 minutes along the highway he reached the Juhu

Beach where he confronted the beauty of Arab sea. He spent 5/6 hours on the beach. Suddenly he found that he is hungry. But soon he realized that he doesn’t have any bucks.

Then he saw a big food shop and walked towards the shop. There he saw a very tall person standing in front of the shop and eating ‘Dosa’. Watching this his hunger rises with pace and he begged him to give him some money so that he can buy some food.

The tall person looked at Ramu strangely and said “ You are a very young and strong man and you are not supposed to beg”. “But I’m new in this city and I have no money. Besides I don’t know anyone who can help me” Ramu cried out. “ Well Don’t worry I can give you job but you have to promise me that you will work hard” The man said carefully.” “I will do whatever you say . Any job will be fine with me” Ramu said confidently. The man laughed “ The job I’m gonna offer you never even dreamt of. My name is Taman Shamrma. I’m the secretary of the famous mature actress Hema Malini. As she needs a servant I think you’ll be perfect for that job”.

Ramu was about to loose his sense while hearing this. Hema Malini! Oh my GOD! How lucky he is! He thanked almighty to give him such a wonderful chance to be with a famous celebrity. He was just able to utter those word “ I can’t believe my ears Thank you very much Sir…” The man smiled at him,” Ok! Then come with me!You must want to meet her right now..!”

“YESSS!!!” said Ramu.


After 10 minuets that secretary’s car stopped in front of a very nice apartment. Mr.Tamon pressed the door bell and after few seconds an old servant opened the door. “Where is Madam I found a very hung servant for her?” Asked Tamon Sharma. The old servant said “Madam is sleeping. Tell him to wait”

“Who’s there Mohann!!” Ramu heard a sweet tone from upstairs.

“Maam! Tamon babu has come with a new boy” said that old servant .

Ramu looked at the corner from where the tone came . He saw a saree covered body is stepping in slowly. OWO! He cant believe his eyes .This is Hema Malini.. The famous dream girl of Indian Cinema and mother of the young heroin Esha Deol is standing right here in front of him. He was even more stunned watching the aged women wore sarees very seductively. Her full deep navel was exposed through her thin chiffon saree.. He thoroughly read her body top to bottom. Her extra large boobs are jutting under clearly visible bra. And his big round ass cheeks are producing lust in his evil mind. His 10 inch member is getting a raging hard on watching all this. He cannot believe a mature heroin like Hema Malini can dress up such a way.

“Saali Raandii” Ramu said to himself.

“Maam! This is Ramu! He is a very hard working young man just as you wanted” said Tamon Sharma.

“Really!! Ummm!! I told you to get a boy who is new here” said Hema looking at Ramu.

“He is new here Madam! He just arrived today”, said Mr.Tamon with a huge smile in his face.

“Well! Did you tell him about his job”

“Madam! I told him that he had to do a lot of things! He is fine with it”

“OK! Lets see! “

Now Hema asked Ramu “Hey! What is your name”

“Ji Raamu..Madam.”

“ Ramu! Good name! OK! Well Tamon .. you can go now .. I’ll check him ” Hema turned to Mr.Tamon.

Tamon Sharma left the house and Hema turned to Ramu,” Come upstairs”.


Ramu entered a big hall room by following Hema. Ramu found that there is no one other than he and Hema in this floor. The hall room is well decorated and full with latest furniture.

“Sit over there” Hema pointed to a chair at the corner.

“Ok madam” said Ramu staring at the floor. He is confused.

“Now listen carefully! You are selected not for a usual job of servant. You have to……” said Hema with a nice smile.

“What I have to do madam? I’d do anything for money” said Ramu .

“You have to….”

“Yes maaam…what??”

“You have to chod (fuck) me “ said Hema with a shameless smile.

“ What???” He cant believe his ears. He thought he is dreaming.

“Yes.. and you are not dreaming” said Hema with another huge smile, ”I know you want it! You’d love to do it ..wouldn’t you?”

“haa! Hemaji…..jorooor ( of course )”Ramu almost cried out with joy.

“Ok! Now get me a pail of water . I gotta take bath” Hema ordered him.

“OK. Hemaji” He is little bit confused hearing that. He thought she would let him fuck her right now. He reluctantly went to bring water.

“Hemaji… take your pale” Ramu knocked the bathroom door.

“Ok… the door is open.. come on in” Hema said with loud voice from bathroom.

When Ramu entered the bathroom he saw an unforgettable thing. He saw Hema was full naked and pissing in the commode. His lund (dick) got its maximum length right at that moment.

“Ok… now come here .. “ She didn’t stop pissing.Rather she put a huge smile in her face and turned to him. When he was moving towards Hema , he experienced something that is very taboo for a sophisticated mature honorable actress like Hema Mailini. Hema hold her pussy like a hose pipe and showered some pee on Ramu. She laughed out loudly while doing this shit.

“ Hi hi hi…see what I have done to you .. hi hi “ Hema kept on laughing. ”You know why I did this?”

“Why Hemaji?”

“Hey Maderchod!! ( mother fucker ) I did it to make you hot”

“Ok Hemaji”

“What Hemaji..Hemaji..! Put your lungi off …show me your Lund (dick)!!”Hema shouted.

He did as she said. His already erect cock was pointing to the roof. “OWO!! You got a very large dick!! I have taken at least 500 dicks so far ..but this is surely the largest and nastiest ..owww… I’m so lucky to have you as my servant” said Hema while looking at his dick . Ramu moaned with a husky tone.

She moved close to him and hold his hard cock .She spitted on it and started to message firmly. “You know I like nasty sex. While having sex I do lots of pissing and spitting stuff ..!! You have any problem?”

“NOOO.. Hemaji .. but I like to fuck your tits .. that’s a request” said Ramu closing his eyes.

“ My dear chudu… You’ll fuck my tits, spit on those and you are also allowed to piss on those … happy???”

“yeah …Hemaji “

“ And another thing.. you must finger ,lick and fuck my dirty asshole .. that’s compulsory … are you ok with that?” said Hema shamelessly.

“Sure .. I’ll eat your shit in my breakfast if you want “ said Ramu with a smile.

Hema took his dick in her mouth and started to suck gently. She brings

her tongue to the red head of his cock. She first licks the head, then takes only the head inside her mouth. The cock fills her mouth

completely. Hema now is sucking her Ramu’s dick like she used to suck the stick candies in her high school days. She takes more than

half the cock inside her mouth and gives the best blowjob in Ramu's life. Ramu simply can not say anything, but comes with strong

force in Hema’s mouth. Hema swallows all the cum Ramu has to offer.

Ramu didn’t think what a slut she is. If she is so much sex crazy at this age ,what might have she done at her early age .. he just couldn’t think much.

“Say bad thing to me … “Hema shouted .. still tasting his sperm.

“Saalii randii auraaattt …( slut ) I’ll fuck your brains out you nasty whore “ scolded Ramu loudly.

“ yeah…say it again..call me whoreeee…call me bitch….!!”Hema went mad with lust.

“Whore.. stinky bitch …randiiiii “shouted Ramu while fondling her tits.

After 5 minutes Hema told Ramu to turn around. Ramu asked “Why randiii..?”

“Sala .. tera gaand chatna hainn (I’ll lick your asshole)”

“Randii…” Ramu moved his ass closer to Hema’s mouth. And our honorable actress Hema Malini spread his ass cheeks wide apart by one hand and started finger his dirty and hairy butt hole by another hand .

“Ahhhh…..Hemaaa…that feels so gooodd” Ramu cried with pleasure as Hema kept on fingering furiously. After 10 minutes of ass fingering Hema put her finger in her mouth and tasted Ramu’s ass juice and smelled the kinky aroma.”Ohh…your ass tastes so good.. Ummm!!”

Then Hema licked his asshole through her tongue and sucked all the gooey juice of his ass. His ass was full of her saliva.

“ Owo! I don’t think I deserve such a lovely mistress you psycho bitch” Ramu was mad with pleasure.

“Now I want to fuck your tits” Ramu requested Hema while she was taking rest.

“Sure .. come on “

Ramu hand on her tit closed tightly around the firm globe

and he humped his cock deep into Hema’s cleavage. He kept on pushing through her fair moisture tit valley. He was moving his dick in and out while holding the tits tightly. “Spit on my face “ ordered Hema. Ramu was eager to do the nasty thing. He kept on spitting continuously on her beautiful face while doing the tit fuck. After 10 minitues of such filthy activity , Ramu was about to cum. Then he got another idea to make thing dirtier. He pulled his dick out of her tit valley and started to rub on her face with a great force. Her face skin was already wet by his spitting. ”Ooohhh!... Hemmmaaa…” He started to shoot his thick jeez all over her beautiful face and tits. And the slut was fingering his ass to make it worse.

“You are really a nasty whore Mrs. Hema Malini” said Ramu with great pleasure.

RE: sex stories of celebrities original and collected from the net - the_rocky - 11-03-2015


RE: sex stories of celebrities original and collected from the net - the_rocky - 11-03-2015

Whore Queen RANDI RANI ** STORY Hard CockHard CockHard Cock
One day Rani Mukherjee was returning from a shooting. It was very late, about 11 pm and the roads were almost deserted. She was driving and was alone. Suddenly, she felt that the front tire of her car had a puncture. She, therefore, stopped the car and checked the tire. It had indeed gone flat. Rani stood the watching the flat tire and scolding her luck. A famous celebrity like her definitely didn’t know how to change tire and she was helpless in totally lonely highway. The place was totally dark and the few street lights couldn’t give much light. But there was bright moon light and the beautiful Rani Mukherjee was looking even more beautiful in the moon light. She was wearing a sky blue chiffon sari and a matching sleeveless blouse with matching make-up. She had tied her sari below the navel exposing her a little plump belly. She was wearing a high heel sandal that made her big round butt look even bigger. She was looking really quite sexy.
Within couple of minutes, she felt a truck passing her in full speed. She raised her hand and the truck stopped with screeching sound of tires. The truck came back in reverse and stopped near her. One guy dressed in a dirty dhoti and kurta stepped out and was very excited to see Rani, “Hello Ma’am! WOW! I never thought of meeting you in such a place. Has your car developed some problem?" "Yeah, I have a flat tire.", she said. "Do you need our help?", the man asked. In the meantime, two more vicious looking guys stepped out of car. They were all ferocious and hungry looking. She said, "Please do, I am in so much trouble." One of the men replaced the tire. Meanwhile, his other friends were busy in making Rani understand how happy they were to meet her and how big fans of hers were they. Rani was hesitating, but as a duty towards her fans, she tried to make them happy by talking to them. Once the job of replacing the tire was over, Rani thanked them for their timely help and expressed her gratitude. They said, "We are more than happy to get the chance to help the actress of our dream" and there came a knife in a man’s hand, whose blade was shining in the moonlight. Rani was terrified. "Madam, We won't harm you, if you follow our instructions", one said. Before she could say anything, one hand grabbed her from behind and shut her mouth. Two guys carried her to a nearby bush and made her sit on the ground. Rani, terrified, asked one of the men standing nearby, "What do you want? Why you have brought me here? If you want ornaments or money, please take them and leave me." "Madam, don't worry. We don't want your ornaments or money. We want you. We masturbate seeing your photo and now that we have found you, we want to enjoy your sexy body. If you oblige us, we'll not harm you otherwise we don't mind killing you." "No… You can't do that.", Rani said in a trembling voice. One of them slapped her really hard. She was sitting there, not believing what he had done. There was a red hand print on the soft creamy white cheek which is made to be kissed passionately. Rani kept silent. After couple of minutes one of the guys brought a bottle of Desi Sharab from the truck and they started drinking in turns. When they offered the bottle to Rani, she refused. "Then, we will force you to have it.", said one of the guy in harsh voice and moved and sat next to her. He took the bottle and holding her with his left hand, tried forcing her to drink. Rani initially resisted but seeing the situation started having the drink. The dirty smell and taste of the drink made her almost faint. "That's nice", said one guy and others laughed. While all were having drinks, the guy sitting next to Rani put his hands across her shoulders and started caressing her bare arms. Others were watching his acts. He then started moving his hands on her boobs from outside the blouse. He also started kissing her cheeks and neck. Rani though was showing some signs of resistance but knowing fully well that she is helpless, she started allowing the guy to fondle with her. The guy suddenly held her sari and pulled it. The sari came out of the pin, fixed to Rani's blouse. Rani tried covering her chest with her hands. Looking at her big bust, one guy said, "Wow, she has lovely bust yaar. They look bigger than they look in the movies. Remove her blouse also." The guy put his hand on the front of her blouse and pulled it. The blouse got torn and her white colored bra was exposed. The other guys enjoyed the sight and laughed. The guy pulled out Rani's blouse. Rani was sitting with her bra and sari on her lower portion of her body. Rani got up and wanted to move out of the hands of the guy sitting next to her. The guy however held the sari. That made Rani to lose her balance and fell to the ground. The guy pulled out her sari forcibly. Rani was intoxicated by now and was not able to stand properly. The other guy who was watching the action so far moved to Rani and fell on her body and started kissing her. Others started enjoying with laugh. The guy held her tightly and started kissing her passionately and started caressing her thighs. While doing so, Rani's petticoat moved up, exposing her legs. The other man watching the scene said, "How creamy legs she has yaar. Ask her to show her body to us." "Yeah, that's right.", said the guy lying on Rani and got up and made Rani to get up from the ground. Rani was not able to stand properly. Since, Rani did not undress, one of the guys came and took out a knife and threatened, "Whether you will undress yourself or should I undress you?" "No, I won't put my clothes off.", Rani said with resistance. The guy holding knife put the sharp edge of the knife below Rani’s white bra and snapped it between her two boobs. The bra got cut between her both the boobs and the bra got slipped from her shoulders. Rani held both her voluptuous boobs with her cupped hands. All the guys liked it and laughed. "Wow, what fantastic tits she has yaar !", said one of the guys. "Show me her pussy also yaar !", said another guy. The guy holding knife put the blade below her petticoat thread and snapped it. Rani's petticoat slid to the ground, exposing her lovely creamy thighs and legs. As she was wearing a fancy panty inside, she looked quite sexy in that posture. Her hairs which were let loose were flowing across her shoulders. Rani still stood holding her boobs with the cupped hands. One of the guys watching all this got up and grabbed Rani from the back and started kissing her neck and cheeks. Suddenly, the guy holding knife put his knife and snapped the both sides of her panty. The panty fell to the ground. That exposed her pubic which was clean without any hairs. It seemed that she had shaved her pubic the same day. The guys had the pleasure of seeing her neat and clean pussy. The guys loved to watch her clean pussy. Rani Mukherjee removed one of her hands from the boobs and tried covering her pussy. That exposed her one of the tits. Rani was looking quite sexy in that posture. Her exposed breast looked quite big and lovely shaped. The guy behind, grabbing Rani, put his hand and squeezed her exposed breast. Rani screamed, “NO!” "Don't make sounds, otherwise we will have to close your mouth and still enjoy you", said the guy holding knife. Rani became quiet. She removed her other hand also and put it on her pussy. Now, both of her boobs were fully exposed. The guy holding her put his hand on her both the boobs and started kneading them. He also caressed her waist and sides of her thigh. While doing so, he was kissing her neck and cheeks intermittently. "Now, come on, suck my cock.", said the guy holding knife and unwrapped her dhoti. "Come on Rani !!!", he said in a harsh voice and stood in front of her. Rani, with fear in her eyes, kneeled before him. The guy had a strong and muscular body. His dick was quite long and had become erect. It was black in color and looked very dirty. He held Rani's hairs and pulled her mouth to his cock. A strong smell hit Rani’s nose. But she had to take the guy’s cock inside her mouth. Then she started sucking the dirty smelly cock. Now, she liked the cock size. She sucked his cock forgetting her class and everybody around. All of them were watching her sucking scene with apt attention. Rani continued sucking his cock. She started biting his cock. The guy was enjoying her suck. He kept moaning, "She is a fantastic sucker yaar!! She is too good. I always knew she is a great whore. That’s why I masturbated with her face in my mind." While she was sucking him the other guys also removed their dresses and stood stark naked. All of them had strong bodies and had stout cocks. Rani looked at their cocks and smiled. One of the guys standing next to her said, "What madam, do you like our dicks or not?" Rani looked at the guy and smiled. The guy also smiled and said, "Yaar let us not handle her roughly. She seems liking our company" "Is it?", said one who had shoved his cock inside Rani's mouth. Rani looked at him and smiled. "Then c'mon let's make her enjoy", said the guy and made Rani to lie on the ground.
Once Rani lay on the ground, he came in between her thighs and guided the 'head' of his long penis inside her pussy. Feeling her wet but tight pussy, he yelled, "Wow, she has really become hot yaar ! She has lovely cunt. I am going to love fucking her." and continued shoving his tool inside her box. While he was shoving his dick, the other guy got near her head and pushed his dirty black cock inside her mouth. Rani took his cock inside her mouth and started sucking it. This guy had a thick and stout but small cock. His cock hardly fit in her wide mouth. Still, she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. She moved her tongue on his balls and made him excited. The dirt and smell on the cock made her more excited. The guy loved her suck. "You are right yaar, she is fantastic.", he smiled at his other friend. Within minutes the guy who was fucking Rani, started giving quick thrusts inside her box. Whenever, he thrust his dick inside, Rani made moaning sounds. The sight was quite exciting and erotic. Within a few minutes, the guys changed their position. The guy with thick and stout cock lay back on the ground and asked Rani to come on him and take his shaft. Since, Rani had become fully 'hot'. She was excited thinking of getting fucked in the bush by these low class people, what she didn’t even think. Without showing any resistance, climbed on him and held his cock in her hand and guided inside her 'honey pot'. She had to press hard to take his cock inside her hot and wet pussy. From her facial expression, all could make out that she was deriving immense pleasure while taking his thick rod. Once she could put his cock inside, she started moving her pelvis and enjoying his fuck. She was really deriving full pleasure from the act. The guys laughed. One guy gave his cock in her mouth. He shoved his cock, sitting at her head and started caressing her tits. Rani took the cock and started sucking it with great pleasure. The three guys were changing one after the other and fucking Rani with immense pleasure. The beautiful Rani made all the guys very excited with her creamy soft body and by giving her best performance. Though it was supposed to be a **, but still Rani started enjoying it. All the guys fucked Rani one after another. Rani seemed having multiple orgasms which was quite evident whenever she moaned with great pleasure. During the process of '**', all tried almost all the postures. Suddenly one guy made Rani to kneel before him and holding the head of his cock, pushed it inside her ass. Rani felt his push inside her butt, a little painful. But, soon she started enjoying it. The guy pushed his long cock inside and started moving it back and forth. Whenever the guy pushed his hard cock after retrieving outside, Rani moaned with great pleasure and said, "Fuck me hard. I love it... fuck me!" The sight of the guy fucking her ass was terribly exciting. Another guy made Rani lay down slowly on her side, retaining the guy's cock inside her ass. He made Rani to fold her left leg across the legs of the guy that exposed her pussy which was very eager to receive a cock. He stimulated her pussy, particularly her clitoris with his fingers. Rani enjoyed the stimulation. In a sexy voice, she said, "Put your dick inside my box. I am dying to have it in my hole." Lying next to Rani, he put his erect cock inside her wet cunt and started stroking. The two guys alternatively shoved their dicks inside her both the holes. The alternative rhythm made Rani Mukherjee mad with excitement. She started yelling, "Fuck me hard. Both of you.. fuck me hard..." The other guy couldn’t hold himself back. He put his dick inside Rani’s mouth. The guys fucked her mouth, ass and cunt simultaneously for about five minutes. Suddenly, one of the guys expressed that he was about to come out. Rani also said, "Yeah, I am also about to come, all of you fuck me hard and all of us will have simultaneous release..." All guys were now fucking her hard. Suddenly, Rani screamed with pleasure, "Yeah...Yeah...I'm cumming.. I'm cumming.. fuck me hard.. harder...", and soon all three released their cum simultaneously. Rani screamed in sexy voice "Oh...God.. that was fantastic... I love it... that's too good.." Her pubis, butt and face were filled with sticky cum. One guy said, "You are really sexy and fantastic lay, Madam." "Oh thank you very much. But, you have torn my bra and blouse. What should I wear now?", Rani asked. All the three guys kissed and thanked her for giving her beautiful body to them Rani said that she enjoyed their fuck. Later, Rani bade good bye to them and left the place. Rani did not forget to collect her torn clothes as 'souvenir' of her '**'.

RE: sex stories of celebrities original and collected from the net - the_rocky - 15-03-2015

story 3.. rani mukherjee story from the net

RE: sex stories of celebrities original and collected from the net - the_rocky - 15-03-2015

Rani Blackmailed for Movie Roles
Rani Mukherjee was a fading starlet. Movie offers were drying down, excpet for the occasional KJo and Yash Chopra movies. Directors making commercial films were refusing to slot her, as she was past her prime. She was considered a very good actress and if they had to make movies with her they had to keep her at the top of their minds. She was just reflecting on all this and just lying down on her couch reading a magazine when the bell rang. It was Reena her childhood friend. "Hi Sweets, What a surprise!" said Rani hugging her. "I know ya....its been so long! Missed you so much!" said Reena. Reena was her childhood friend, she grew up in Bombay. She tried her hand in Bollywood through Rani's connections, but could not get any success. She then tried in the Tamil industry and became a star after her first movie. She had recently earned a big reputation as a maneater in the south! She was known to be a complete slut with important movie stars and producers. "Kitni moti ho gayi hai? How are you an actres?" said Rani. "They love the curves down south yar. They just go mad seeing me expose my heavy duty body!" said Reena. "Heard a lot about you...is it all true?" "Yup. I started it to fuck odd people to get roles. Once I got a break, I had to establish myself as an actress. So it will carry on for a while, untill I can command a respectable role on my own merit!" "OMG...its strangely turning me on! Is that gross!" "NaughtyRani! Its not at all strange! Some of the people so love my body there. You know how I was before na...after all the modelling and all. I had such a perfect figure. They love my ass. There's a producer and his brothers regularly fuck me. They spend an hour at least rubbing their cocks, kissing and biting my ass! and they love navel! These people can spend hours just kissing, biting and inserting their cocks into my navel!" Rani was getting turned on a lot now! "So you have these orgies so often! Its so great ya. I have such a fucked up sex life! Just one long time bf and we are not doing it so often". Reena thought naughtily and said "Rani I have a great idea...I can set up a meeting with the three producer brothers I was talking about. They have a string of big budget movies lined up. I am telling you they'll jump if they know you are willing to consider it." Rani thought "I know yar...I have thought about it before....but what about my reputation. I will end up as another Khushboo or Nagma." "Think about it Rani. I know you need the money! They pay great, more than here in Bollywood too. The roles I am talking about are not the glam doll roles. They are roles worth an actress like you!" said Reena taking her cellphone out to make the call. "Ok fine." saidRani. Reena smiled and called up a number from her cell. "Its set. They want to met you this weekend. Do you wanna come back to Chennai with me?" asked Reena. "Yeah, whatever!" said Rani resignedly. "Its done then. I am so tired ya...lets take a shower!" said Reena, in a very sexy way. Rani smiled. They had been making lesbian love to each other for a very long time. Reena simply loved Rani's body. They went into the bathroom. Rani was wearing a normal yellow top and pajamas. Her massive tits were were prominent through her top. Reena removed Rani's top from behind. She had a black bra on. Reena started to press her tits from behind. "OMG Rani...you have the best natural tits in the whole world. How big are they anyways?" "You know they 34 DD. Stop making fun of me!" Reena unhooked her bra from behind and turned Rani towards her. She held both her breasts in her hands. "These puppies deserve a big punishment. Look at how spotless and beautiful they are!" and she slapped her tits very hard. Rani cried out loud. Reena took her left chuchi and put it in her mouth. She was slowly chewing the nipples and sucking them. Rani was getting very turned on. She liked the new sexual aggressiveness of Reena. It was so unlike anytime else they had done it before! Reena went on sucking Rani's boobs. Rani was enjoying it thoroughly. She wanted to see Reena naked. Reena was wearing a salwar kameez. She turned back to let Rani unhook her and lift salwar. Rani slowly removed the hooks, and threw away her salwar kameez. She had a pink bra on her. She had put up a lot of weight and it showed! Her belly had gained weight and so it formed folds to side of her kamar. They looked very sexy. She unhooked her bra and saw her boobs. They had grown massively. They both turned to each other and stared at each others' boobs for a while. " You look like a sexy milf Reena! Itne bade boobs and kamar par folds!" said Rani. "Tu toh hamesha se hi aunty thi!". They both laughed.Reena touched her nipples to Rani's nipples and began rubbing for a while! Rani always got a turned on seeing two pairs of perfect boobs rubbing against each other. They entered the bath tub together. Reena pulled down Rani's pajamas. She had a mud colored panty on. Nothing fancy, just a regular chaddi. Rani looked very cute in those chaddis with her massive boobs and her fleshy belly. Reena pulled down the chaddi. Rani's pussy was not fully shaved but rather trimmed. She loved it. Rani had the fleshiest pussy lips she had ever seen. It was why she kept some hair around it. When she had lost her virginity in the school toilet when she 18, the boy who was fucking her simply could not control hinself looking at those fleshy pussy lips. He had bitten her so hard that day that she felt the pain for a long time. From then she decided to just keep it trimmed so as to not arouse the animal in any man. Reena removed her bottom. She did not wear any panties. Her pussy was like a pornstar's. It was very evident that she was used to many cocks regularly. It was not very fleshy on the outer lips. The inner flesh however hung out of the vagina. It had turned dark from the original pink color. She kept her privates fully shaved. Rani smiled looking at it. They both entered the bath tub and lay down on opposite ends. The froth was fully formed in the tub. Reena was rubbing Rani's tits though the froth. Then she poured some water on them. They shined and gleamed. She started to suck them again. She took her lips around her nipples in circles, then brought out her front cutting teeth and took a soft bite at them. Rani's eyes were closed. She was moaning softly in pleasure. She was sucking on one breast by holding it with her right hand and fingering her pussy with the other. She made rani stand up and took another look at her pussy. It was like a dahlia flower. It was so fleshy and yet very delicate. She started fingering it harder. Rani was moaning. She was sucking on her own nipples. Reena got her tongue out and starte licking her inner lips. She began probing the entire length of her pussy. The wet touch of Reena's tongue made Ranivery horny. Reena licked hard and kept fingering internittently. Rani's juices started flowing. Reena started drinking them. She picked up a dildo that was kept on the side of the bath tub. She started to put it in. Rani was moaning. Reena started teasing her. She first put the tip of the dildo into her and took it out. She did this several times. Rani was getting hornier by the second. "Poora ghusa dey Reena. I cant control it" "Relax meri moti piglet...you're pussy needs a lot of teasing!" After having teased her and fingered her for some more time, Rani was reaching the peak of her orgasm. "Please ghusa Reena. I wanna cum!" Reena then slowly started inserting the dildo. It was a huge 10 inch dildo. It slowly started to tear into Rani's pretty pussy. Rani started crying out of pain and pleasure. Reena increased the speed of the thrusts. Rani was in a lot of pain and wanted to cum soon. She held on to it. She was furiously pressing Reena's tits all along. The faster Reena used to insert the dildo and the more violently Rani pressed, pinched and scratched her tits. "Ouch...easyRani...Yeh takiya nahi hai...mere chooche hain!!!" It was getting too much for Rani. Reena suddenly removed the dildo when Rani had almost reached her climax. She took her tongue out and fondled Rani's clit. Rani came like a cow in heat. Reena's face was filled with the juices of Rani. "Oh Reena....that was so good ya...you're the best girlfriend ever!" "Main gandi ho gayo hoon! Clean me up na!" said Reena naughtily. Now it was Rani's turn. They played there for about an hour and a half and then came out. Reena left in the evening and told Rani to be ready to leave for Chennai over the weekend. Rani said yes in excitement. Reena smiled when she closed the car door. Rani was going to be fucked like a sex slave by those filthy horny producer brothers. Every inch of anatomy will be relished by the worst of male lust in the coming days. "Oh Rani...why are you such a plump fair cow!" she thought and smiled naughtily...........Rani reached Chennai 2 days later. She checked into a hotel and called Reena. "Sweets, I am here! Can we meet up sometime today?" "Hi piglet...haan sure! Your meeting is tomorrow na? There's a party today at the producers' bungalow. You should come. You can meet the entire cast." "Does that mean I already got the role? Whats tomorrow's meeting for?" "Arey haan ya...don't worry. Tomorrow is just a formality. You already got it. I will come to your hotel at 8 PM sharp and pick you up" "Great" said Rani and hung up.
It was 6.30 PM and Rani decided to take a shower. She undressed and looked at her body. She had gained quite a lot of fat in her belly, thighs and ass. She can never become a bollywood actress again. Her belly and her deep round navel/boddu were so tempting as to make anyone go mad. She had developed nice folds on the side of her kamar/nadumu. She went into the shower and had a long relaxing bath. After that she stepped out and decided to dress up. She chose a scorching red transparent saree. It showed her massive chest and her round deep navel.Reena called her at 8. "Piglet...I am waiting in the hotel lobby. Are you dressed well for the occassion." said Reena. "Haha..wait till I see you down in the lobby". Reena was blown by seeing Rani in that red hot saree. "Mmmm...you're giving me a hard-on babes. I can't imagine how the men would react" Everyone from the hotel receptionists to the room service staff were staring at her lecherously. "You can see what they feel. Hahaha" laughed Rani. "Yeah, they'd all so completely bang you if given a chance! Anyways, lets go before it gets too late". They went out and sat in Reena's car and drove away. "So who all are going to be present at the party. Mujhe toh cast hi nahi pata". "The hero is Vikram. He might be present. The producers will be obviously there. They've booked Rambha for an item song, so she will be there. The director will definitely be there. And my advice is just play along tonight." Rani thought that meant that she had to flirt a little, which she could. They reached the producers bungalow. The party had already started. The producers walked upto Rani and Reena. One of them hugged Reena tightly "How are you darling!" he said rubbing Reena's ass with his right hand. Rani felt slightly uncomfortable. The eldest brother came close and hugged Rani. "Raniji, it is a pleasure to have you in our movie." Rani hugged him and said "Its my pleasure too. I want to make a mark in the south industry as well." "Oh you will. You definitely will." said the eldest brother. "Do you mind coming into our private office room. We can sign the papers today itself. No need for tomorrow's meeting". "Ok" said Rani slightly surprised. They walked towards the office room.
The middle brother was walking behind Rani. He could not take his eyes off Rani's ass/gand/gudda. It was massive and was wildly swaying up and down as Rani walked. He was licking his lips all the way. Reena had noticed this and smiled within herself. The youngest had his arms around Reena and they were walking together like lovers, all the while he was massaging her ass. They had reached the room. The eldest producer brought out some papers from the shelf behind his desk. "Raniji, these are all the papers. They are for a 3 movie deal with our production company. You'll make 10 crores for all the 3 movies together. I am sure you have read the scripts?" Rani was astounded. The amount he just quoted was huge "Yes, I have read the scripts." she said meekly. "Good so sign these papers and then there is another document you'll have to sign" "What document?" Rani asked suspiciously. Reena smiled and said "Oh Rani...cmon yar. You know what it will be about." She said moving her hand across Rani's bare arm. The remaining two brothers smiled. "Think about it Raniji. This is a huge amount and I am sure that you have no offers in Bombay." Rani thought and said " I dont know what you thought of me. But, I can never do it." said angrily and turned around to leave the room. Reena stopped her. "Rani maan ja ya...or else...sir play the video." All the brothers laughed loudly and one of them switched on the huge lcd tv and pressed play button on. Rani was dumbstruck. It was video of her and Reena taking the shower together. The entire scene including the dildo part were there. "What a figure you have. Mmmmmmm. I can throw in a crore or two more for you!" said the youngest one laughing. The eldest one said "Either you agree or this will go on internet right now. No actually, I wil sell it to news channels. Hahaha". Rani was almost in tears. She had no option but to agree. She signed all the papers and was just standing there. "Done!" cried the youngest and the horniest of the three brothers.
The second document basically stated that she will be willing to satisfy the sexual pleasures of all three brothers for next 15 days. "So Rani my dear. Lets begin the games!". Raniwas very scared. She didn't know what these people will do to her. "Abbooo...her saree is killing me" said the youngest one. He now dared to come behind Rani and touch her bare arms. They were smooth. The eldest brother opened a secret door in the room. It led to a bedroom. It had all kinds bondage equipment. Rani knew what was coming......Rani entered the room scared like shit. The room looked like a porn movie sudio set up. There were many photos of the brothers mauling a lot of young models and actresses. One photo caught her attention and she froze looking at it for a second. The youngest brother was sitting on a chair wih his cock inside the pussy of very cute looking Trisha. The cock was unusually large and thick. The second one had his teeth fixed on her right nipple and the third one was trying to strangle her with a necktie. Rani was amazed at the look on Trisha's face. She had never seen anyone that contented in their life. The youngest brother whose nickname was tiger for his ferociousness with women in bed came from behind and hugged Rani and placed his chin on her shoulder like he was wih his wife. Rani got shocked but kept quiet. He felt her ass from behind with his hand. "So soft and big! What is in those Rani?" he asked teasingly "I will taste when I bite them". Rani was silent, as she was scared. He noticed Rani staring at that picture of them and Trisha. "Its turning you on aa? Look at how much she is enjoying! You will too darling!" Saying so he slowly slid his hand into side of Rani's saree and began fingering her navel. The other two brothers sat down on the sofa and made themselves a drink. "Make one for her too. Sooper strong!" They made the strongest shot of liquor they had for Rani and one of them brought it for her. "Please, I dont drink" "For me honey. Now we dont want your soft lilly flower like body to feel pain. Do we?" said Tiger one who was still hugging Rani from behind and rubbing her ass. Tiger forced the shot intoRani. Tiger's had a fantastic physique. He used to take a great care of his body and always kept it in top shape. He had a broad chest and toned biceps, slim waist and the right cuts on his thighs and calf muscles. He was the definition of a tall dark and handsome man. The other two brothers however were middle aged, overweight and ugly looking horny sons of bitches. Reena came in from the door and was just in her bra and underwear. Her dress was gone. She looked at Rani, smiled and went and sat in the lap of he middle one. Meanwhile tiger had enough of the fondling from behind. He turned Rani to face him and kissed her. She tried to resist, but then he pinched her hard in her kamar/nadumu. She gave in and kissed him. They both passionately brought out their moist tongues and started to touch them together aggressively. Rani's lips looked beautiful. They were big and she had put on a nice light pink color lipstick and Tiger was enjoying them fully. He threw open Rani's pallu, and looked at her chest. Rani as breathing hard as she was scared. But her cleavage in her bright red sleeveless blouse was enough to raise the most evil sexual desire in any man. "Very big Rani. Very sexy blouse too" said tiger slowly laying his hand on her soft hands. Her hands looked very fleshy, soft and beautiful in that sleeveless blouse. Tiger went near her hands and just smelled them along the length from top to bottom. His warm breath on her bare hands made Rani very scared. Rani started to feel he effect of that liquor shot now and was getting disoriented in the mind. This man had a sexual presence she had never felt before. He looked like a sexaul predator. She felt a srange turn on that she had not experienced before. Imagining her beautiful body was about to be ravaged by this sexual monster was a very sexy thought indeed! Tiger took out his massive tongue and licked Rani's bare arms all over. He lifted her arm and looked at her armpits. They were smoothly shaved and looked very sexy. He rolled his tongue over her armpits as well. Rani was getting aroused by the second. He then went down to her tummy area. "Rani you sweet Bengali rasagulla. Nice fleshy belly. Very chewable!" He looked at her belly and her deep round navel. He pinched on both sides of her kamar/nadumu at the folds that had formed. He brought out his tongue and circled her navel/boddu with him. Then he put the tongue inside Rani's navel and did that for some time. He slowly brought out his cutting teeth and bit Rani on the navel.Rani felt pain and pleasure. Tiger loved to leave love bites, as they left his signature. Tiger used his teeth all over Rani's tummy, occasionally biting hard. Meanwhile the other two brothers were having a great time with Reena. They were over her like wild animals and were doing all sorts of nasty things to her. Reena was used to these things by now, so she did not mind it. They put their dicks inside all her holes, completely licked and bit her body. They poured the liquor on her body and were taking turns to lick it off clean. After fucking her they were just playing with her body, like constantly pressing her tits or licking her clit. They were just waiting for Tiger's consent to join in for the prized trophy who was RaniMulherjee. Tiger threw away Rani's saree. He hugged her tight and again kissed her passionately. Rani was like his sexual play doll and he wanted to make the most of it. He pulled the nada of Rani's petticoat and it fell down revealing Rani's massive thighs and her sexy underwear. He pushed her onto the bed and directly dug into the creamy thighs. " Bengali randi. These thighs are making me mad" He slapped her thunder thighs many times till his palm impressions formed on them. Rani felt pain but also got turned on a lot. He ferociously licked, kissed and bit her thighs like a madman. He stood up and took his shirt off. Rani was blown away seeing his physique. It was shiny black and very chislled. He looked like a black greek god. He then removed his jeans and stood there in front of Rani in his underwear. The huge packege which was lying in his underwear was very evident. Rani was very turned on seeing that man in front of him. He pulled Rani up through her hair and pushed her face onto his chest. Rani licked him all over his upper body, and slowly went down. She looked at the massive thing inside those underwears and was sure that it was big. She slowly removed his underwear, and just froze looking what was in front of her. It was a charcoal black cock and sack of balls. The cock was easily 4 inches and it was completely flaccid. Rani started to pull it and started to blow him. He was loving it and the cock showed. She kept on blowing him for about 20 mins and his fully erec cock was a monstrous 11 inches. Rani could not take the whole thing in her and had difficulty swalloing. When tiger came it was like a rain on Rani's face. She had never had her entire face splashed with cum. She knew that this man was a monster. She began to tease him. She turned tiger the other way. She pulled her bra and panty off. She was covering her nipples with her hair and her pussy with her arms. She then asked tiger to turn back again. Tiger could not control that fair skinned beautiful sweet dish in front of him. He threw Rani on the bed and jumped on her like a hungry predator. He came close to her breasts and began to stare at them like a mad dog. They were the most tempting lady lumps. They were like sweet ripe mangoes just waiting to be devoured. He sucked and nibbled away at them for a very long time. He was occasionally slapping her breasts and pinching them too. Rani was thoroughly enjoying his hunger for her breasts. Her breasts were mauled by tiger. They had his slap marks, love bites and had become red. When tiger had his fill, he went down. He tried to spread her legs, but Rani teased him by not allowing him to do it. He then pinched her thigh hard and she moved her thighs. Her beautiful pussy was in front of a dangerous predator. Tiger noticed the hair, and looked towards his brothers who were just eagerly waiting to jump on Raniwhen given a signal. The middle one understood the signal and went into the bathroom. The eldest one had Reena in his lap but was lustily looking at Rani all the while. The middle brother came out with a razor, shaving foam, water and a towel. "We'll clean this pussy darling. Lets see the lotus by removing the mud." He began applying cream over her pubic hair. He then slowly shaved it away with the razor. The scene turned the middle bother too much. He went up and held Rani's breasts with both his hands started sucking hard. Rani was on cloud 9. She even french kissed the ugly middle brother, only because she wanted to get fucked by tiger real bad. Tiger finished shaving and wiped her pussy clean. It was a very fat pussy with beautiful pink flesh. The fat pussy with its pink flesh was enough to make men kill each other for it. It was like a sweet treat just inviting tiger to eat it. "What a pussy! Sweet rasagulla's sweeter pussy!". He began eating her pussy. He licked, fingered, sucked and bit her pussy many times all over. Rani was giving out sweet juices and tiger was drinking them. Her pussy juice smelled heavenly and Rani was in complete need of a good fuck. Tiger wore a condom and thrust his massive tool into Rani in one thrust. Rani cried out in pain. But slowly she began to enjoy it. The other brothers had joined in and were exploring the top hald of Rani's body. The eldest brother got a candle and poured the hot wax drops inside Rani's navel and her nipples. She cried out loudly. They then licked those spots that had become red due to the hot wax. This strange mixture of extreme pain with extreme pleasure was very new to Rani. Rani was loving the extreme fucking that tiger was giving her. "Oh tiger...aaahh yeah keep fucking me. Tear away my ***** pussy with your massive rod. I am your slave cow. Please tear my udders and drink the milk. aaah" Tiger fucked Rani in various positions back to back four almost 2 hours. Next the other two brothers had their fill. Rani had real multiple orgasms with tiger but she was disgusted seeing the other two guys. Rani was fucked like a cow by these sex crazed maniacal brothers.After they all had enough for the night, Rani and Tiger just lay on the bed. Tiger had infinite capacity. He did many things like putting cream all over Rani's body and licking it away and many such things. Tiger would fuck Rani for almost 10 times over the next 15 days. He would fuck her in the shower, he would fuck her in the car, when she went out for shopping he would fuck her in the changing room of a store. Tiger was mad after Rani and had a sexual drive of real tiger. He would not even allow his brothers to come near her for that time. Only he wanted to fuck her. He made her do humiliating sexual things like making her pee in public, fucking her in front of their servants, showing off her sexy belly and boobs by suddenly ripping off her clothes in front of men in remote market areas etc. Rani had become a sex maniac for Tigers cock by the end of her 15 day contract period. Her career was picked up in the south and she became a big star. She had become more or less a girlfriend cum fuckbuddy of Tiger, one of the members of Tamil movie industry's most successful producers. Tiger used to arrange for many orgies at his house in which he and his brothers participated. He needed many doses of pussy everyday to control his extraordinary sexual urge. He however stopped allowing anyone to touch Rani except him. They married later on and that is how Rani became a wife to one of the horniest men in the country.

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